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Cardiometabolic health

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  1. New
    The Akkermansia Company Weight Control

    The Akkermansia Company Weight Control

    Weight control* with normal blood sugar level**

    65,00 € (Recommended price)
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  2. MetaGlycemX


    Maintenance of normal blood glucose levels

    41,00 € (Recommended price)
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  3. ArgiMag


    Supports muscle function, such as heart muscle

    45,00 € (Recommended price)
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  4. C-Dyn


    Supports the immune system, cardiovascular system and collagen synthesis.

    18,00 € (Recommended price)
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  5. Eskimo Extra

    Eskimo Extra

    Good for heart and brain function

    26,00 € (Recommended price)
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  6. VariSol


    Supports the blood vessels
    32,00 € (Recommended price)
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  7. UltraMeal Plus 360

    UltraMeal Plus 360

    Maintenance of normal blood sugar levels and cholesterol values
    52,00 € (Recommended price)
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  8. No longer available


    Supports a healthy blood sugar level
  9. Tensionorm


    Optimises the peripheral blood circulation and oxygen flow
    38,50 € (Recommended price)
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  10. No longer available
    Q10 Plus

    Q10 Plus

    Supports the heart function

    Co-enzyme Q10, plant extracts and nutrients

  11. Pro-Whey


    Contributes to the growth and maintenance of muscle mass
    49,50 € (Recommended price)
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  12. No longer available
    Fit & Slim

    Fit & Slim

    Supports lipid metabolism
21 results