13 Sep 2021

New product update Metagenics

Metagenics is expanding its product portfolio. Take a look at our new products: C-Dyn®, Vitamin K2, Nutrimonium® HMO, EstroBalance , L-carnitine en BariNutrics® NutriTotal Chocolate.

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C-Dyn® contains a buffered non-acidic form of vitamin C (calcium L-ascorbate). This is much gentler for the gut than the most commonly used form of ascorbic acid. The vitamin C is also incorporated into a natural fenugreek matrix, using the patented FenuMATTM technology. This unique High Impact formula means that the vitamin C is very well absorbed in the body.

One tablet per day is sufficient. In the event of major deficiency, the dose can be increased to two tablets per day (taken at different times).

  • Vitamin C dose: 500 mg (625% RI)
  • RP: €15.95 / 45 tablets
  • Article number: 27309
  • CNK: 4234-662 | Z-Index: 16935705
Vitamine K2

Vitamine K2

The High Impact standalone product Vitamine K2 contains active microencapsulated menaquinone-7 (MK-7), which has been heralded as the most effective form of vitamin K2.

The patented form used here, K2 Vital DeltaTM, results in an ultra-pure MK-7 with high stability and high bioavailability, thanks to the special production process.

Vitamine K2 is a fat-soluble vitamin with important functions in the body, including contributing to normal bone formation. The product is suitable for vegetarians and vegans.

  • Vitamin K2 dose: 90 μg (120% RI)
  • RP: €19.90 / 56 tablets
  • Article number: 28458
  • CNK: 4372-702 | Z-index: 17029953


New flavour: Peach-mango

Nutrimonium® boosts energy levels (vitamins B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B12, C, biotin, Ca, I, Mg, Mn) and the immune system (vitamin A, B6, B12, C, D, Se and Zn), and helps maintain healthy mucosa, such as in the gut (vitamin A). This formula also includes 2’-fucosyllactose (HMO), a soluble trisaccharide that is also found in human milk.

Our intake recommendation is one sachet per day. Nutrimonium® comes in a peach-mango flavour and can be mixed with yoghurt, pudding, milk, fruit juice or beverages (150 ml).

  • RP: €37.45 / 28 sachets
  • Article number: 28654
  • CNK: 4385-712 | Z-Index: 17039061

This flavour replaces Nutrimonium® Tropical

28 sachets (CNK 3561-289 | Z-index: 16370805)
56 servings (CNK 3561-263 | Z-Index: 16370813)

Nutrimonium® FodmapFree (tropical) remains available. (CNK: 3571-833 | Z-Index: 16379861)



EstroBalance is a rich source of vitamins and minerals, including vitamin B6, which helps
regulate hormone activity. It also contains isoflavones (from kudzu – Pueraria lobata – rather than soya), linseed extract, broccoli and turmeric. Therefore EstroBalance is suitable for men and women in various phases of life. We recommend one serving (one measuring spoon, 5 grams) per day dissolved in 150 ml of water or fruit juice.

  • RP: €39.90 / 14 servings
  • Article number: 28461
  • CNK: 4377-206 | Z-Index: 17032318


L-carnitine now comes in plant-based capsules, which are also suitable for vegetarians and vegans. The formula, the retail price and the Z-Index remain the same, the CNK code is different.

Old article (no longer available)

  • 60 capsules: Article number: 66
  • CNK 1615-749 | Z-Index: 15309487

New article

  • VC 60 capsules: Article number: 28845 • CNK: 4379-574 | Z-Index: 15309487
  • RP: €38.49 / 60 capsules
BariNutrics<sup>®</sup> NutriTotal
Micronutritie vóór en na een bariatrische ingreep

BariNutrics® NutriTotal

BariNutrics® NutriTotal is an all-in-one formula consisting of whey protein isolate fortified with 23 essential vitamins and minerals.

  • Provides the recommended daily intake of vitamins and minerals to help you stay in shape
  • Contributes to the growth and retention of muscle mass

Formule geoptimaliseerd volgens de nieuwe ASMBS**-richtlijnen.

De formule bevat een goed opneembare vorm van proteïne: kwalitatief, caloriearm weiproteïne-isolaat met een hoog proteïnegehalte, bevat zeer weinig lactose en is vetarm waardoor zeer goed verdragen in maag en darm.

BariNutrics® NutriTotal bevat vitamine B6, B9/B11 (folaat, Metafolin®) en B12 in actieve vorm: voor directe opname en mineraalzouten met hoge biologische beschikbaarheid (bisglycinaten, citraten, fumaraten) voor een optimale opname.

Optimised formula in accordance with the new ASMBS* guidelines.

The formula contains a very well absorbable form of protein: high-quality whey protein isolate that’s high on protein and low on calories, lactose and fat, so it’s very well tolerated in stomach and gut.

BariNutrics® NutriTotal contains vitamin B6, B9/B11 (folate, Metafolin®) and B12 in active form for direct absorption and mineral salts with high bioavailability.

  • RP: € 37.50 / 14 servings
  • Article number: 29104
  • CNK: 4379-582 | Z-Index: 17034264

* American Society for Metabolic and Bariatric Surgery

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