19 Sep 2022

Throwback: Metagenics wins the 'Le Fonti Awards'

Metagenics wins the 'Le Fonti Awards' in Italy. A recognition as "Excellence of the year in research & development" in the field of micronutrition.

Milan, March 2022

Le Fonti Awards

Metagenics, worldwide producer of high quality micronutrition, received the prestigious ‘Le Fonti Awards’ – an event that now hosted its twelfth edition and honors companies & professionals to be leaders in their field over the past year by implementing winning strategies and investing in innovation and training.

Metagenics won the 'Le Fonti Award'
“Excellence of the Year in Research & Development in the field of scientific grounded micronutrition”

As a finalist in the category ‘Research & Development’ Metagenics won the award of ‘Excellence of the Year in Research & Development’ in the field of Micronutrition. The jury motivated his choice as follows: “For being a ‘Leader’ in the field of scientific micronutrition. For constantly helping people live a happier and healthier life. For always supporting healthcare professionals and for its commitment to recent scientific developments."

Italian Management team receives the Le Fonti Award 2022

Metagenics is very happy to have received this award. A motivating lever to continue to develop innovative products and to continue to spread scientific information through the organization of events, congresses and trainings via the Metagenics Academy. To train and inform physicians, nutritional experts and healthcare professionals was always one of the most important goals of Metagenics. By listening to the demand expressed by the market, it provides effective solutions to help people live happier and healthier lives.

High Impact Metagenics

Thanks to investments in scientific research and newly applied technologies, our product formulas have been adapted to the biochemical processes of the body. Metagenics is committed to always use the best ingredients in the right dosages. The finished products contain only ingredients that are well absorbed and excellently tolerated by the body. We apply this "High Impact Engagement" consistently throughout our total product portfolio. This is why they occupy often the first place in their application field.