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  1. New
    MetaDigest Total

    MetaDigest Total

    Supports digestion in a natural way
    9,99 € (Recommended price)
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  2. CurcuDyn Forte

    CurcuDyn Forte

    For supple joints and muscles and to support the cartilage
    21,49 € (Recommended price)
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  3. B-Dyn


    Supports the nerve system, the homocysteine metabolism and helps in the event of tiredness
    12,49 € (Recommended price)
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  4. MetaRelax tablets

    MetaRelax tablets

    At times of stress and tiredness

    Good for the muscles

    15,98 € (Recommended price)
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  5. CurcuDyn


    For supple joints and muscles and to support cartilage
    19,99 € (Recommended price)
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  6. MetaSleep


    Helps get the patient to sleep

    Promotes a natural and healthy night’s

    15,98 € (Recommended price)
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  7. Probactiol Duo

    Probactiol Duo

    Supports natural bowel movements and natural resistance
    13,99 € (Recommended price)
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  8. AdrenoStim24


    Supports the energy level
    25,99 € (Recommended price)
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  9. No longer available


    Retention of normal urinary function in men

    Replaced by:

  10. AoDyn


    To protect against oxidative stress
    39,49 € (Recommended price)
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  11. ArgiMag


    Supports the function of the muscles, such as the heart muscle
    40,49 € (Recommended price)
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  12. No longer available


    High-dose glucosamine-chondroitin-MSM combination Contributes to healthy cartilage
185 results