6 Nov 2018

Bionutrics becomes part of Metagenics Europe

Bionutrics S.A. and Metagenics Europe are proud to announce that a contract has been signed on the acquisition of the remaining shares of Bionutrics by Metagenics Europe.

Author:Paul Coussement

Bionutrics S.A. in Liege (Belgium) has been the exclusive dealer of Metagenics products in France for more than 20 years. Due to this excellent long-term relationship, Bionutrics S.A. has become a highly valued partner for thousands of health professionals in France with regard to the products and nutritional concepts marketed by Metagenics.

Bionutrics S.A. posted double-digit growth in each of the past five years, with sales in excess of EUR 17m. It employs 46 white-collar staff in Belgium and France. Metagenics Europe, with main office in Ostend, Belgium, is the exclusive supplier of Bionutrics products, and is responsible for R&D, production, storage and shipments to French customers.

This acquisition is part of its strategy to have a direct presence in the leading countries of the European Union and to use the synergies of a pan-European business in terms of nutritional products and concepts to help people live healthier and happier lives by realising their genetic potential
Paul Coussement
Vice President Metagenics Europe

Metagenics will support and expand the activities of Bionutrics. Bionutrics has a strong image and is well-respected on the French market, which is the perfect foundation on which to grow and develop further.

Nothing will change for customers. All services and products for prescribers and patients will be unchanged and the nutritional advisor and customer support team will continue to function as normal.

Mark Logan, founder and leader of Bionutrics S.A., will assist the transition from Bionutrics to the management of Metagenics and help Metagenics Europe build strong relationships with its customers.