3 Oct 2022

United by People

Our employees are what set us apart. That’s why we’ve developed programs to support employee diversity, health & happiness, plus training and growth opportunities. In fact, everything we do as a business is geared around helping all people live happier, healthier lives, from our team members, to our customers and suppliers. It is our driving force and what gets us out of bed every morning.

United by People
“It’s been an incredibly worthwhile journey. It is about helping people living healthier happier lives.”

Metagenics’ commitment to people is woven into our DNA through our mission, vision and values, and these drive our daily behaviour at work.  However, our B Corp certification means we are now even further invested in the well-being of our people and community.  So much so, we’ve asked an independent body to measure and hold us accountable to our commitment.

Our B Corporation certificate allows us to show the world what our values are and how we treat our people.

Globally, our B Corp certification verified that our policies and support of our People (team, customers, suppliers and the community) is one of our strengths. That making a positive impact for our People is something we’re doing well.

We know that recent years have seen us all experience a new level of awareness and worth for ourselves and the world around us. This has prompted many of us to demand more personal value and purpose, from both our lives, and our work life. We all want to feel like we’re impacting the world beyond the day to day, of our work roles in particular.

Being a B Corp means Metagenics are consciously looking to help fill that gap. We’re doing well, and will continue to strive to do better - because its important.


What does this mean for us?

B Corp certification is independent and legally audited evidence that at Metagenics we truly care about our mission to help people live happier and healthier lives.